How Sales reps use video prospecting at scale to 3X their sales calls

Mai 16, 2022

cold email delivrability

Let me guess!

You are here because you realized traditional approaches alone are not longer enough.

That’s why you are rethinking and maybe redesigning your strategies to level up your cold outreach campaigns. Today I’m gonna show you the easiest way to connect with your leads in a human manner while automating your outbound process.

Your key to establish a human connection fast and book more meetings is personalized video for sales. Here is one of our strategies that helped us get replies like this:


By adding personalized sales videos we increased our demo calls by 3 times!


If you are curious on how to level up your outreach campaigns make sure to read till the end!

In this article I’m going to walk through:

  • Our email template and tear it down to explain why it worked
  • Ideas on when to send a sales video
  • A step by step guide on how to implement personalized videos in your outreach campaigns
  • Examples of sales video prospecting templates that you can use


Here’s a breakdown on our email template with a RepliQ video and why it worked.


1. Target

Automation users

First step in every good outreach strategy is to know who you are talking to and in our campaign we made sure the users are automation users doing cold emailing and outreach on Linkedin today.

2. Subject line


We chose a subject line that peaks curiosity since we know that automation users usually want to stay on top of their game and are looking for new ideas and tools to explore. With a personalization we make sure they will want to open.

3. Joke


We start off with a joke we know speaks to automation users since they work with these variables daily.

4. Mention the website


We mention that we went to his website to increase the impact of our video that will show his website in the background.

5. Relevance


We increase our credibility by showing that we know who we are talking to. They will feel like they received this email for a reason and not by coincidence. And only then will they want to hear what we have to say. 

RepliQ video prospecting


We emphasize the video even more by saying that there is something in the video that could be of value for them. Instead of a video with their first name or company name that is commonly used in sales prospecting, they see me + their own website in the background. This will prompt them to click and watch the video.

If I would send a normal video, why would they want to click and watch? 

6. Friendly CTA


We chose a friendly non intrusive CTA and also something he can only answer if he watches the video.Then, we finish off with a day variable that adapts to which day we send the email to make it even more genuine.


If you are doing outreach on Linkedin, use RepliQ with the prospect’s Linkedin profile in the background instead. When they see you and their own Linkedin profile in a video, you make sure they remember you. In the end of this article you will get a Linkedin template that you can copy to use.



If you never worked with videos in your approach it’s hard to know what to say, how long it should be and where to start. Here’s a quick breakdown on my video script to give you an idea.

  1. Start off with a hook
    “I’m guessing you clicked on this video because you saw your website in the background”
    I know this is the reason they clicked.

  2. Address the niche
    “I’m reaching out to you because you seem to be an experienced automation user doing cold outreach on Linkedin and emails today.”
    Again, make him understand that he received this video for a reason not by coincidence.

  3. Giving a solution to a challenge I know they face
    “I’m on a quest helping automation users like you to increase your impact and reply rates to book more meetings.”
    To be persuasive, the value statement must be tailored to the customer.

  4. Pitch
    When I know that they are listening, I give them a short pitch focused on the value I give.
  5. Asking for feedback
    “I’m curious, what’s your take on video prospecting?”
  6. Button CTA
    That leads them to my webpage if they want to learn more.

You can watch the whole video here:


ANNND, did Tristan like our approach? ...He did! 🥳



So, when is it a good idea to send a video?

To introduce yourself

Sending a video will not only put a face to your email, but it will also establish that human connection a text never can. As we all know, it doesn’t matter how many emojis you use in your messages, as they will never be able to reflect your true personality. 


In follow ups

If you don’t get replies, then add a video to your follow-ups (adding personalized images or a screenshot of the prospects webpage can also be smart). Being able to see you, your expression and your body language will immediately make your message harder to ignore. Humans are social creatures and seeing another human's face amongst the sea of text in an inbox gives your brain a shot of dopamine.

To re-engage lost leads

You know those you had meetings with or leads who seemed to be interested, but now disappeared in thin air. They already got your sequence and follow ups, now what?

By using personalized videos, you create a pattern interrupt. Breaking a pattern is about going against expectations and doing something different from what people expect. To do something differently, so that you get treated differently. 

To thank for a Linkedin connection

Video has the power to transform your ability to connect with your audience. Use your prospect’s Linkedin profile in the background to personally welcome them to your network. No pitch, no sales - just a warm welcome to create trust and build relationships.

I made a short video about RepliQ here to give you a better idea:


Then follow these simple steps:

  1. Upload your pitch video

  1. Upload your file with your leads info or copy paste your list

  1. Customize your video

4. Download your file with the personalized videos RepliQ generated for you

5. For Email outreach: The file will have a column called “html email code”, enrich your original prospect list with that column, upload the file in your favorite outreach tool and use the links as customized variables to each prospect.


For Linkedin outreach: Use the column “result videos URLs” instead and upload to your favorite Linkedin outreach tool.


6. RepliQ will show a preview of the video with you in the corner bubble and the prospect’s website in the background in the email or Linkedin message.


The best thing with an outreach video in your email template is that the email is super short and sweet. You only need 2-3 sentences and let the video do its magic. To use what we learned above, here is a personalized short email template to use with a RepliQ video inside:

Hi {{firstName}}!

Upon going over your website, I noticed {{something you saw on their website or something you know they all have}}. You hyper-personalize it here.

This prompted me to reach out and introduce myself, as I think there may be some synergies between what we do and a connection would be worthwhile.


Video with their website in the background with RepliQ

Did the second point resonate with you? Ending with something they only will know if they watch the video.

Best, Signature


For a Linkedin connection you want to give them a warm welcome and maybe share some content assets. Here’s a template to use:

Hey, {{yourname}} here. I wanted to personally welcome you to my network so I made a video for you, {{firstname}}. Directly after this short video, you’ll find 3 buttons that link to content assets that I believe will be of value to you. Feel free to reply to me with any questions.


A personalized outreach video in your strategy helps you break through the noise, get a response and book more meetings. People who use automations and omni channel approaches without getting the results they want are simply lacking one thing. The Human Element.

Automation without the human element lacks the power of emotions and persuasion.

Now is the time to stop spamming your leads and customers with impersonal, generic messages and craft something meaningful instead!

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