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26 Feb, 2024

cold email delivrability

I found a really cool cold email approach with an email template on Linkedin the other day:

Linkedin screenshots

How brilliant isn’t that?

How would you have reacted to receiving one of those?

Watch the entire strategy in a video instead:

The problem with cold outreach today is that it’s too accessible.

Everyone can send an email to anyone, at any time. 

This results in crappy emails no one wants to read.

They leave people like you and me annoyed rather than curious.

EVEN if you might need their service you will feel a resistance. 

Can you relate?

Funny image

Cold emails are a powerful tool for initiating conversations with potential leads.

However, the challenge lies in crafting messages that not only capture attention but also prompt a response.

One effective strategy for boosting reply rates is personalization and incorporating screenshots or videos that can take this approach to the next level.

In the end of this article I’m going to show you how to craft this specific approach, but at scale. 

No need for one to one manual work, but still gives the same powerful impact. 

For several hundreds of your leads. 

If this speaks to you, then let’s dive in. 

The Power of Personalization in Cold Emails

Let’s start off on why personalization is so important. Personalization is the key to breaking through the noise and establishing a connection with your prospects. When recipients feel like the message was tailored specifically for them, they're more likely to engage with it. Traditionally, personalization in cold emails has involved mentioning the recipient's name or referencing their company. While these tactics are still valuable, they may not always be enough to stand out in a crowded inbox.

Reduce Spam Rates

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Incorporating personalized lines into cold outreach emails not only increases their effectiveness but also reduces spam rates. By crafting unique and tailored messages for each recipient, the likelihood of triggering spam filters is significantly reduced. Since no two emails are identical, automated spam detection algorithms are less likely to flag them as unsolicited or generic, thus improving deliverability rates.

Myths About Scaling Personalization

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There's a widely held belief that personalization is only effective in small-scale efforts. While it's true that personalized messages tend to yield higher response rates, many assume that scaling up personalized outreach is impractical or even impossible. However, this notion overlooks the power of automation and data-driven insights. With the right tools and strategies, it's entirely possible to maintain a high level of personalization while reaching out to a larger audience. By leveraging technology to tailor messages and automate processes, sales teams can cast a wider net without sacrificing the depth and relevance of their outreach. So, while quality remains, don't let the idea that personalization can't be scaled up hold you back. With the right approach, you can achieve both quality and quantity in your cold outreach efforts. Continue reading to understand how.

How Outreach Tools Fall Short

In the pursuit of reaching a larger audience, many turn to outreach tools to maximize quantity. Yet, all too often, these tools fall short of their intended purpose. Why? Because they prioritize quantity over quality. Mass emails flood inboxes, but they lack the personal touch that grabs attention. It's a paradox of sorts—we strive to reach more, but in doing so, we lose the very thing that makes outreach effective: personalization. These tools become generic, easily lost in the sea of inbox clutter. The truth is, in our quest for quantity, we must not forget the power of personalized, attention-grabbing communication. It's the difference between being just another email and sparking genuine interest. That’s why RepliQ is uniquely positioned to add personalization and attention grabbing elements (like chat gpt screenshots read more here to understand the tactic) to your cold outreach campaigns. 

List Of Use Cases

Wondering if you can use this approach?

Here's a list of different targets, along with potential use cases and examples of screenshots that could be used to enhance your cold email outreach. You can also make videos with the same approach, the important thing is to add an attention grabbing element in your copy. 

E-commerce Businesses:

Use Case: Improving website conversion rates.

Example Screenshots: Product pages, checkout process, shipping options, pricing structure.

SaaS Companies:

Use Case: Demonstrating familiarity with their product.

Example Screenshots: Feature functionalities, subscription plans.


Use Case: Identifying areas for growth or improvement.

Example Screenshots: Landing pages, user onboarding process, app interfaces.

Local Businesses:

Use Case: Highlighting opportunities for digital transformation.

Example Screenshots: Website homepage, online booking system, customer reviews.

Tech Companies:

Use Case: Offering solutions for specific pain points.

Example Screenshots: API documentation, integrations, developer tools.

Consulting Firms:

Use Case: Providing tailored insights or recommendations.

Example Screenshots: Industry reports, case studies, client testimonials.

Marketing Agencies:

Use Case: Demonstrating expertise in their niche.

Example Screenshots: Social media analytics, campaign performance metrics, ad creatives.

Nonprofit Organizations:

Use Case: Identifying opportunities for fundraising or volunteer engagement.

Example Screenshots: Donation pages, impact reports, volunteer registration forms.

Education Institutions:

Use Case: Offering solutions for student recruitment or engagement.

Example Screenshots: Course catalog, enrollment process, virtual campus tours.

Manufacturing Companies:

Use Case: Addressing supply chain challenges.

Example Screenshots: Production floor, inventory management system, quality control processes.

Healthcare Providers:

Use Case: Presenting solutions for patient care or operational efficiency.

Example Screenshots: Electronic health record systems, telemedicine platforms, appointment scheduling tools.

Real Estate Agencies:

Use Case: Identifying opportunities for property listings or client management.

Example Screenshots: Property listings, virtual property tours, CRM dashboard.

Remember, the key is to tailor your screenshots and messaging to each target's specific needs and pain points. By demonstrating a deep understanding of their business and offering relevant solutions, you'll increase the likelihood of getting a positive response to your cold emails.


So how would these use cases look in practice?

Here are 3 examples to give you an idea:

E-commerce Business:


Subject: new revenue streams (yes, the lowercase is on purpose, makes you stand out)

On [Company Name]'s website now, [First Name]. Noticed your wide range of products, but have you considered expanding your payment options?

[Include Screenshot of Products on Their Website]

example screenshot

With payment flexibility becoming increasingly important for online shoppers, I'd imagine exploring new payment methods is on your radar.

Brands like X and Y have been leveraging our solutions to integrate alternative payment options seamlessly and increase checkout conversions.

[RepliQ suggested a personalized CTA]

Looking forward to your response.

Best regards,


SaaS Company:


Subject: user experience

On [Company Name]'s website now, [First Name]. Noticed your integrations, but have you considered integrating additional functionalities to enhance user experience?

[Include Screenshot of Integrations on Their Website]

example screenshot

With user satisfaction being paramount in the SaaS industry, exploring new integration opportunities can set you apart from competitors.

Brands like X and Y have been leveraging our API to seamlessly integrate new features and improve user engagement.

[RepliQ suggested a personalized CTA]

Looking forward to your response.

Best regards,


Tech Company:


Subject: development processes

On [Company Name]'s website now, [First Name]. Noticed your innovative projects, but have you faced any challenges in providing comprehensive developer resources?

[Include Screenshot of Developer Page]

example screenshot

Brands like X and Y have seen significant improvements by utilizing our solutions to optimize their developer pages. 

[RepliQ suggested a personalized CTA]

Looking forward to your response.

Best regards,



Effective cold outreach requires personalization and attention-grabbing elements like screenshots/videos. Scaling personalization is possible with automation and data-driven insights. While outreach tools can fall short, balancing quantity with quality is key. Tailoring messages and screenshots to target audiences' needs sparks genuine interest and boosts response rates, leading to meaningful conversations with potential leads.


Personalized lines in RepliQ

Step 1: Choose the personalized lines feature in RepliQ’s dashboard

dashboard repliq

Step 2: Choose your language

dashboard repliq

Step 3: Upload your lead list that contains the website URL (optional company name and first name) of your prospects. Preferably you will also have a column for the screenshots you want to generate.

dashboard repliq

Step 4: DONE, your file is ready to be downloaded here

dashboard repliq

Step 5: Here is your file, RepliQ will give you 3 different personalized lines to use in the column E, F, G

dashboard repliq

To understand how to add it in your outreach tool, watch this video:

Now let’s dive in the screenshots

Step 1: Choose this option (don’t worry about that is says video, we will get the screenshots in the same file)

dashboard repliq

Step 2: Select the screenshot for your use case

dashboard repliq

Step 3: Here you can just choose our demo video to come forward

dashboard repliq

Step 4: Upload your lead list. If you had a column with the URL for the screenshots when you made your personalized lines, you can upload the file you got from RepliQ to have all the data in the same file. To make it easier to add it in your outreach tool.

dashboard repliq

Step 5: Untick the scrolling through the website feature and then start video creation

dashboard repliq

Step 6: DONE. You will find your file here to download

dashboard repliq

Step 7: Instead of the video links you use the columns called “Image”. For social media you use column J and for emails you use the html code in column K. This will then generate the screenshot inside of your linkedin DM (column J) or email (column K, html code)

excel file image

See the pricing page here to get ready to scale this approach !

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