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This Is How Our 4-Step Cold Email Strategy
Consistently Achieves 13%+ Replies for Agencies

Set a cold email sequence that generates a flow of new meetings
and sales from your ideal customer profile at scale


Recap of the process

  • - Our 4 Step Sequence + Templates to use
  • - WHY It Works
  • - Step 1 The Value Resource
  • - Step 2 The Human Element
  • - Step 3 The ChatGPT Approach
  • - Step 4 The Breakup with AI Image
  • - About Deliverability
  • - Automate And Scale
Lucas Guillermin

Social Media Agency

“Using RepliQ and hyper personalized videos to reach our leads helps us actually stand out from the crowd on these big social media platforms.”
Open rate: 85%
Reply Rate: 17,7%
Opportunities: 189
Jason Benedict
Founder & CEO, Autmation Agency

Automation Agency

"We converted (3) $2500 clients. And 1 of the 3 clients just committed to a $7.5K contract. So in effect we generated $15K from one campaign.”
Money Generated: $15K
New Clients: 3
Contracts: 4
Nicolas Belanger
Founder, MagnicMedia

Paid Ads Agency

"I have been using RepliQ for the last 2 months and the results have been amazing. It completely changed the game for me. When it comes to reply rates it is extremely high"
Open Rate: 81,2%
Reply Rate: 15%
Opportunities: 23
Sam Baldwin

Cold Email Agency

“We get considerably more opportunities and higher click through rates when we are running personalized emails and personalized videos compared to when we just did standard emails.”
Open Rate: 83,94%
CTR: 80,72%
Reply Rate: 12,23%

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