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How it

Personalized cold outreach for agencies.


Step #1

Elevate yours or your client results by selecting personalized AI videos, images, or texts for your cold outreach campaigns.


Step #2

Empower your agency's outreach efforts by uploading prospect details and URLs to generate Personalized AI videos, images, or texts at scale. Utilize our ChatGPT feature to craft tailored prompts for each lead, enhancing client engagement and results.


Step #3

RepliQ simplifies agency outreach with AI-generated videos, images, and personalized lines. Get links and HTML codes for easy integration into your outreach tools. Plus, track performance metrics like page views, CTA clicks, and watch time—all in one place.

What if you, instead of
changing the COPY in your message, improved the FORMAT?

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Use automations with Zapier, Make, Pabbly & our API and create your workflows

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