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Transform your photo into a personalized avatar and bring yourself to life in a whole new way. Not knowing what to say? RepliQ will generate the scripts for you, turning your text into videos. Creating personalized outreach videos has never been easier.

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Turning yourself into a talking AI AVATAR.

Not a video person?
Upload a front face image of yourself and see it come to life. We make you an AI avatar to present your videos and help you scale your video communications without cameras, actors or studios. Use variables to address your leads' name, company name, job title etc. You can even make an icebreaker that can be fully customized for each of your prospects to make your videos even more personalized. Now with the market's best lip sync.

How it works.

Our newest feature gives you a video personalization platform that simplifies your outreach game. With just a photo and a script, you can now level up your approach by 10x without the need for any recording.

Upload a front face image of yourself or use one of our avatars. Choose a voice in your own langugage.
Write your own pitch using variables in the intro such as your leads' first name or company name, you can even use an icebreaker up to 150 characters customized for each of your prospects. Or, use prompts and let us generate scrips for you.
Upload a lead list with the URLs you want as a background. DONE. Within minutes you'll have 100's of videos ready to be sent to your leads.

Video Script GENERATOR

Not a copywriter?
Let RepliQ generate your script for you.

Write your own script
Knowing exactly what to say? Write your own script.
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Not knowing exactly what to say? Let RepliQ generate the script for you.
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Why It Works


RepliQ drive clicks

The video preview captures attention and drive clicks. Why? In addition to seeing your face, they also see their own website or social media profile in the background of the video. This unique combination of personalization creates a powerful impact, demonstrating that you've tailored the message specifically for them.


Yourself as an Avatar

By using your own photo and make yourself an Avatar to present your videos, you bring your videos to life with authentic and powerful communication. Our personalized videos leave a lasting impression and drive meaningful interactions.


Deepest personalization

With our advanced personalization script feature, you can go beyond just using the lead's firstname. You have the flexibility to include variables like job title, company name, and even craft a fully personalized sentence for each prospect. This level of customization not only grabs their attention but also prepares them to be blown away by the tailored message, making your outreach efforts more impactful and memorable.

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