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What distinguishes RepliQ from other video tools?

Many things! but first of all the preview. Our videos make it all about them, not you. By adding ChatGPT AI messages adapted to each lead, their website or social media profile in the background of your video, we make sure they will click and watch. At the end of the day, grabbing and holding attention is what really matters.
Then, RepliQ can transform yourself into an avatar simply by uploading a picture of yourself how cool is that ? Finally you can deeply personalize the content of your videos for each of your leads by using variables inside the videos such as (first name), (company name) and beyond. And, we do this at scale! Just upload a file with your leads information.

How does RepliQ work?

You record one video or use our text to video avatar option and upload a file with your leads information. We give you back a file containing video links and HTML email codes that you put in your outreach tool. When adding the links in your email or Linkedin campaign, you will get the video preview of your prospect's URL in the background of your video. The key to make them want to click and watch.

What type of background are available to personalised my videos?

We offer the largest varieties of background in the market : ChatGPT AI messages, Websites, Linkedin, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Amazon, Twitter, Indeed, Youtube, Product Hunt, Google search, Google maps, Crunchbase, Github, Spyfu and any Urls that doesn’t require a login

How long does it takes to generate the videos?

We are the fastest personalized dynamic video tool in the market. To give you an idea, it takes around just 5 to 20 min to generate 400 videos. The AI videos take a bit more time to generate because the content of each video is personalized for each of your prospects.

Will RepliQ get me more meetings?

If we could promise you RepliQ videos will grab and hold your prospects’ attention for a minute or two to listen to what you have to say, then it all comes down to your offer and how compelling it is to them, right? At the end of the day, grabbing and holding attention is what really matters.

In our own cold email and LinkedIn outreach agency, we have significantly increased our clients' results by using the RepliQ approach. We have increased the open rate because we are able to be more creative in the subject lines. We have increased the CTR because the video provokes curiosity and drives more traffic. We have generated higher reply rates and booked more meetings as the videos create a human connection a text never can. After several hundreds of outbound campaigns, the RepliQ approach has significantly increased the meetings we are able to book for us and our clients.

Could you help me with my video prospecting strategy?

If you need our help on your cold outreach sequence with RepliQ we will be happy to guide you to achieve the best performance possible. Come talk to us in the chat !

Will RepliQ videos lower my deliverability?

Email deliverability is a big topic that depends on many factors like if your email is warmed up, if you use a dedicated or shared IP, your language, the quality of the addresses you try to reach and a lot more factors that are outside of our control.

But since our users see a higher engagement, the deliverability typically increases. Generally RepliQ users increase their engagement by x2 or x3.

Are my leads’ data I’m uploading in RepliQ safe?

Yours and your leads’ information and all your data is 100% confidential. We take our customers' privacy very seriously!

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