Use cases to know
HOW to use RepliQ

Capture attention, and stand out by using personalized videos across all of your channels. Here are just a few ideas.

SaaS & high ticket services

Leverage ChatGPT in your cold outreach. By analyzing the information you have about a lead, such as their industry, job title, and interests, ChatGPT can generate prompts for you to use in your outreach that are tailored to the individual recipient.

ChatGPT in combination with video
By combining the ChatGPT prompts with personalized video messages, you can increase the likelihood of engagement and improve conversion rates.
Video intro
"I did some research before reaching out to you and I'm curious, does this resonate with you?"
Grab attention
Imagine instead of a sea of text you will receive this but with your name, title, industry, company name and answers that speak directly to you. What impact would it have on you?


Add your prospect's website, job ad, Linkedin profile or company page in the background to increase engagement and book more sales calls.

Personalize at scale
Reach out to prospects to deliver a unique, individualized experience to thousands of viewers.
Video intro
"Hi there! I wanted to record a video for you to put a face to this email..."
Mention the background
"...I went to your website/ Linkedin profile / job ad and thought a connection would be worthwhile since we help NICHE with SOLUTION today..."


Add your candidate's profile from Github, Behance or Linkedin to attract top talents.

Send personalized videos tailored to each candidate with the simple push of a button.
Video intro
"I went to your profile on PLATFORM and coudn't help but reaching out to you since..."
Switch video
After the intro, switch to showing your office, future colleagues or bosses and present your company culture and perks.

Paid ads & Social Media Services

Add ads on Meta ads library / Google search or their Facebook / Instagram / Tik Tok profile to increase views and engagement.

Human connection
Establish a powerful connection from start with a personalized video.
Video intro
"Hi there! I came across your profile on PLATFORM and wanted to share RESULTS of another client in NICHE..."
Customize CTA
Choose where the CTA button goes on the video page, into a funnel, to a website, Calendly, your Linkedin profile etc.

Email Marketing and SEO Services

Add website, Google search, SPyFU link or newsletter page to seperate yourself from the rest and win more clients.

Show possibilities
Talk about their website traffic, keywords, conversion rate and potential earnings they leave on the table.
Video intro
"Hey, I search for the keywords you are targeting and I notice that today you don't rank in the first page..."
Articles or E-books
Quickly go through an article or e-book that you wrote to give them value.

Start ups

Add Product Hunt profile to look for Hunters or add investors Linkedin or Crunchbase profile in the background of your video to increase your chance to get them interested in the project you are building.

Make an impact
Leave investors impressed and make them remember you.
Video intro
"Hi there, I wanted to reach out to you after visiting your profile on PLATFORM as I think you might be interested in projects in SPACE. I am founder of X and we ONE LINER..."
Pitch deck
Switch to sharing your screen where you quickly go through key KPI:s in your pitch deck to make them want to know more.


Add job ad on Upwork, Linkedin, Indeed or Fiverr and make a unique first impression and make sure they will choose you over your competitors.

Scale your individual approach
Use a personalized video to show them that you made your homework.
Video intro
"Hi there! I went to your job ad on PLATFORM and saw that you are looking for a TITLE. Thought I would reach out to you as I am specialized in AREA..."
Share portfolio or testimonials
Finish off with sharing your portfolio or testimonilas to gain credibility.

Open rate +25%

Users see a significant increase in their open rate when including a video in the first email.


CTR +370%

Users see an increase of click through rate of more than X4 on average.


Conversion +285%

By using repliQ users more than X3 conversion rate.