The ultimate ChatGPT cold outreach strategy at scale

March 09, 2023

cold email delivrability

Hey, hey, hey Rockstars!

We are super stoked to announce our new ChatGPT feature. As of today we are the only tool on the market being able to use this approach AT SCALE. How cool is that!

Imagine having prospects actually happy for you reaching out to them...

prospect answer in  screenshort format
prospect answer in  screenshort format
prospect answer in  screenshort format
prospect answer in  screenshort format
prospect answer in  screenshort format
prospect answer in  screenshort format
prospect answer in  screenshort format

Ready to level up your cold outreach game and book more meetings?

We are too. 

First let’s dive into what ChatGPT is and why it’s useful.


ChatGPT is an advanced natural language processing model that can understand and respond to human language just like a human would. Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT uses deep learning techniques to generate natural language text, answer questions, and complete tasks based on the context of the conversation. It is trained on a vast corpus of text data from the internet, including books, articles, and websites, to gain a deep understanding of the nuances of human language. With this knowledge, ChatGPT can automate a wide range of tasks and generate human-like responses, making it an invaluable tool for professionals.


ChatGPT is a revolutionary technology that has the potential to transform the way businesses communicate with their customers and prospects. Just like sales automation and social media before it, ChatGPT is poised to change the game for companies that adopt it early.

By using ChatGPT to personalize and optimize your outreach efforts, companies can dramatically increase their pipeline and close more deals. For example, ChatGPT can be used to analyze lead data and generate personalized outreach messages that are tailored to the specific interests and pain points of each lead. This level of personalization can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of cold outreach, and can significantly increase the likelihood of converting leads into customers.


  1. Personalized outreach: ChatGPT can be used to generate personalized outreach messages for each lead, based on their interests, industry, and other relevant factors. For example, if you are a software company targeting small businesses, ChatGPT could help generate messages that mention specific pain points that small businesses face, such as inefficient workflows or difficulty managing finances. By personalizing the outreach messages in this way, you can increase the likelihood of engagement and build trust with your leads.

chagpt screenshot

  1. Lead scoring and prioritization: ChatGPT can analyze lead data and score them based on their likelihood to convert. This can be based on factors such as lead behavior, demographics, and firmographics. By scoring leads, you can prioritize your outreach efforts and focus on the leads that are most likely to become customers. This can help you save time and resources and increase your conversion rates.
chat gpt screenshot
  1. Email subject lines and body copy: ChatGPT can generate effective subject lines and email body copy that can help you stand out in a crowded inbox and grab the attention of your leads. This can include attention-grabbing headlines, personalized content, and compelling calls-to-action. By using ChatGPT to generate email copy, you can save time and ensure that your messaging is consistent and effective. For example, ChatGPT could help generate subject lines that mention specific pain points that the lead is likely facing, such as "Struggling to Manage Your Finances? Our Software Can Help". By using personalized messaging in the subject line, you can increase the likelihood of your email being opened and read.
chatgpt screenshot for cold outreach
  1. Sales scripts and objection handling: ChatGPT can generate sales scripts and objection handling responses that can help your sales team be more effective in their outreach and increase the chances of closing deals. This can include common objections and responses, effective closing techniques, and personalized messaging for specific industries or buyer personas. By using ChatGPT to generate sales scripts and objection handling responses, you can ensure that your sales team is well-prepared and equipped to handle any situation that arises during the sales process.

chat gpt cold outreach

  1. Using prompts with variables at scale for outreach: Using prompts with variables, such as {{firstName}}, {{lastName}}, {{jobTitle}}, or {{companyName}}, in ChatGPT allows for dynamic and personalized responses. These variables help create contextual relevance, showing that the AI has adapted the response to the recipient's specific information. This level of personalization in prompts leads to increased engagement and response rates, as it demonstrates a genuine effort to understand and acknowledge the recipient's unique context in the outreach process.
cold outreach with screenshot chatgpt

Furthermore, ChatGPT is constantly evolving and improving.

The upcoming release of ChatGPT 4 promises to bring even more advanced features and capabilities, making it even more powerful and effective for businesses that use it. In short, businesses that take advantage of ChatGPT now and in the future will be able to outcompete their rivals and close more deals. Those that fail to adopt ChatGPT risk falling behind in a rapidly evolving and competitive marketplace. With ChatGPT 4 on the horizon, now is the time for businesses to start exploring this revolutionary technology and begin taking advantage of its potential.

gpt 3 tp gpt 4 evolution


 We asked CHatGPT how it could help sales professionals with routine tasks and here’s the answer:

screenshot gpt

“Using information about the lead’s needs and interests to tailor the content of the message.”

Imagine being able to do video prospecting at scale and leverage your leads information. 

How impactful is that?

That’s exactly what our new ChatGPT feature in RepliQ does. 

We automatically generate ChatGPT personalized answers at scale as a screenshot.

You will also get the prompts in text to be able use it in your email copy.

This approach allows you to create highly personalized content, based on the prospect's needs and interests.

Using the ChatGPT model, you’re able to generate answers that speak directly to the prospect's pain points, which can be incorporated into the email copy with a screenshot image.

This personalized approach makes the prospect feel seen and understood, which builds trust and rapport.

I made a short video on how it works in RepliQ here:

Let’s dive more into the approach and how and why it works. 


To quickly understand how this approach works:

linkedin screenshot

ChatGPT also featured this approach on their Linkedin page:

linkedin screenshot

This is what we do. 

But allowing you to do this at scale!

This is how it would look in an email:

screenchot in email

Imagine instead of a sea of text you will receive this but with your name, title, industry, company name and answers that speak directly to you.

What impact would it have on you? ;)


Firstly, this approach is highly personalized. By leveraging the lead's information and needs to tailor the content of the message, you are able to create a specific message that speaks directly to their needs. This level of personalization helps to build trust and engagement with your leads, making them more likely to convert to a sale.

Secondly, the use of screenshots in prospecting is powerful. Screenshots provide visual context and can convey information effectively. By combining screenshots with the ChatGPT answers, you are able to create a polished and professional message that is tailored to the recipient. This approach is a game-changer for anyone doing cold outreach as it allows you to create highly engaging messages that convert at scale.

Finally, the use of a short and simple CTA is an awesome conversation starter. By using a 2-3 word CTA such as "Is this you?", "Sounds familiar?" or "Thoughts?", you are able to create a sense of intrigue and curiosity in the mind of the recipient to make them even more curious and reply to your email. This approach is proven effective as it encourages the recipient to engage with you and learn more about what you have to offer.

In summary, by leveraging the power of ChatGPT, we change the outreach game for good. Using the ChatGPT brand, sales professionals are able to create a sense of legitimacy and authority around their content, making it easier for prospects to trust the content and take the desired action, such as booking a call or scheduling a demo.

Try out this approach and see the results for yourselves! 


To make it easy for you to try this out for your prospects we made a list of prompts to try out in RepliQ.

Here’s our top 5:

  1. Imagine your are {FirstName} {LastName} {Job Title} from {Company name}. List your top 3 challenges for 2023 using bullet points.
screenchot gpt

  1. Pretend you are {FirstName} {LastName} {Job Title} at {Company name}, name the top 3 reasons why clients would choose you over {Competion}.
screenchot gpt
  1. Assume you are {FirstName} {LastName} {Job Title} at {Company name}. List the top possibles reasons why you didn't replied to my last email.
screenchot gpt
  1. List the top 3 reasons why you would consider changing your job. Tell me as if you were {FirstName} {LastName} {Job Title} at {Company name}.
screenchot gpt
  1. If you were {FirstName} {LastName} {Job Title} at {Company name}, list the top three metrics you use to measure success in your [Specific Need].
screenchot gpt

Annnd a few more…

Start of with "Assume you are {FirstName} {LastName} {Job Title} at {Company name}" or the variables you prefer to make it personalized to each lead.

Tthen follow your prompt with:

  1. Name the top three goals you're trying to achieve in [Specific Area].

  2. Name the top three pain points you experience when dealing with [Specific Challenge] in your business.

  3. Name the top 3 metrics you use to measure the success of your [Specific Need] efforts.

  4. Name the top 3 reasons why you would look for a [Specific Solution] for your business.

  5. Name the top 3 strategies you're currently using to deal with [Specific Need].
  1. Name the top three criteria you use when evaluating [Specific Type of Solution] for your business.

  2. Name the top 3 challenges you face when trying to adopt new technology for your business.

  3. Name the top three features or capabilities you're looking for in a [Specific Type of Solution] for your business.

  4. Name the top 3 benefits you're hoping to achieve by implementing a [Specific Solution] for your business.

  5. Name the top three questions or concerns you typically have when considering a [Specific Type of Solution] for your business.

  6. List the top three things you wish you had more of when it comes to [Specific Need].

  7. List the top three metrics you use to measure success in your [Specific Need] efforts.

  8.  Name the top three pain points you encounter when trying to [Specific Need].

  9. List the top three questions you have about implementing a [Specific Need] solution.

  10.  List the top three factors that are most important to you when evaluating a [Specific Need] solution.

  11.  List the top three roadblocks preventing you from achieving your [Specific Need] goals.

  12. (For recruitment) List the top 3 reasons why you would consider changing your job.
  13. Name the top three benefits of [Specific Need] that you wish more people understood.

  14. Name the top three misconceptions you have about [Specific Need].

  15. Name the top three things you would change about your current [Specific Need] approach if you had a magic wand.



  1. Log into RepliQ, if you don’t have an account - Just sign up for free here.
repliq dashboard

  1. Go to images in the left bar
repliq dashboard

  1. Put your prompt or choose one of ours. To the right you can also see an example of a ChatGPT answer to know how it would look before generating the images.

repliq dashbaord

4. Upload your prospect file. Remember to upload a file with the variables that you chose in your prompt!

repliq dashbaord

5. Choose light / dark mode and upload your profile picture.

6. Generate images.

repliq dashbaord

7. Preview images.

repliq dashbaord

8. Download the CSV file. In the file you will find the unique image links to each prospect. You will also find the ChatGPT answers in text if you want to use itin your email copy. Make sure to choose the right links to be able to generate the video previews correctly. Use the "HTML email code" for emails and the other link for social media for Linkedin or Twitter outreach etc.
If you scroll further to the right you will find the ChatGPT answers in text format if you want to use that for your email copy.
The white columns are the coloumns you had in your original file.

repliq dashbaord

9. Upload the CSV file in your favorite outreach tool and use the links as a custom variable to be changed after each lead.
We use Lemlist in this example. After uploading your CSV file you will have the RepliQ link as a custom variable. Click on the drop down menu and find the right variable and insert it in your email copy. After you inserted the variable you can go to the "Preview" tab, there you can see how each video preview look for each lead.

instantly dashbaord


If you're looking for a more personalized and effective approach to cold outreach, ChatGPT can be an invaluable tool for your sales strategy. By analyzing the information you have about a lead, such as their industry, job title, and interests, ChatGPT can generate prompts for you to use in your outreach that are tailored to the individual recipient. This helps you craft world-class emails that resonate with your target audience and increase the chances of a positive response. With ChatGPT's natural language processing capabilities, your approach will sound human-like and conversational, making it easier to establish a connection with your prospects. So if you're tired of using generic and impersonal templates in your cold outreach campaigns, it's time to try RepliQ with the ChatGPT approach and take your sales game to the next level.

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