New Talking Photo And Linkedin Avatar Feature to WOW Your Prospects

26 Jan 2024

cold email delivrability

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, traditional cold outreach methods are losing their effectiveness.

Generic messages overwhelm prospects, resulting in low response rates and missed opportunities.

The need for personalized communication has never been more crucial.

Cold outreach is no more just a numbers game.

Now it became a delicate dance of psychology and communication

Understanding the core of human behavior is key to crafting compelling messages that resonate with your audience.

RepliQ is uniquely positioned to address the market's changes in outreach, bringing personalized and attention-focused elements, ensuring your outreach remains effective despite evolving challenges.

Cold Outreach That Works

When making new features we always make sure to test it out ourselves to validate the feature in the market before making it. 

Here are some stats and cool responses we got to make sure you won’t waste your time reading about this new approach. 

57% connected on our latest Linkedin outreach campaign

Making an impression:

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Stand out from the crowd and be the one they reply to:

Introducing RepliQ's LinkedIn Avatar Feature

What is the LinkedIn Avatar Feature?

Imagine turning a list of your prospects' LinkedIn profiles into dynamic avatars, seamlessly integrated into personalized videos. RepliQ's LinkedIn Avatar feature does just that, a new innovative outreach message with a visually compelling approach. RepliQ transforms your carefully crafted text into dynamic videos, watching as your words come to life in a visually stunning format using talking photos.

No Video Recording Required

Forget the hassle of recording videos. With RepliQ's Linkedin Avatar feature, you don't need to be in front of the camera. Simply add your talking photo, text and choose a voice – or upload your own voice.


Craft your outreach message in text, and witness it come to life in a dynamic video. Each word of your message is displayed word by word, creating a captivating visual experience.

Your Prospect's Face, Your Message

RepliQ pulls your prospects' profile pictures and transforms them into attention-grabbing avatars. This personal touch adds a human element to your outreach, making your connection more memorable.

The Power of the Profile Picture

Creating a Visual Connection

LinkedIn profile pictures are more than just images; they represent the human behind the professional persona. By using these pictures as avatars in outreach, RepliQ leverages the power of visuals to create an instant, personal connection.

A Face to the Message

Traditional outreach often lacks a visual element. By inserting Linkedin profile pictures, RepliQ bridges this gap, transforming text-based messages into dynamic videos with faces that express sincerity, authenticity, and a human touch.


Humans are naturally wired to remember faces. RepliQ taps into this fact, making your outreach more memorable. Prospects are more likely to recall and recognize avatars that mirror their own LinkedIn profile pictures.

Emotional Resonance

Avatars crafted from Linkedin profile pictures evoke emotions and feelings associated with familiar faces. This emotional impact increases the likelihood of a positive response and creates a unique and personalized connection between the sender and the recipient.

Why it Matters

Personalization Beyond Words

Traditional outreach often lacks a personal touch. The LinkedIn Avatar feature adds a visual layer, allowing you to send your message with a unique and personalized touch.

Create a pattern interrupt

In a sea of text-based messages, avatars serve as pattern interrupts, breaking the norm and immediately capturing your prospect's attention.

Curiosity-Driven Engagement

The blend of text-to-video and personalized avatars creates a curiosity, encouraging your prospects to engage further and learn more about the innovative approach you've taken.

Unleash Your Curiosity

Are you tired of generic outreach methods? Curious about a tool that transforms your prospects' faces into dynamic avatars, delivering your message in a visually stunning format using talking photos? RepliQ's LinkedIn Avatar feature is not just a feature; it's a new tool in your toolkit to connect with your audience.

Understand Pattern Interrupts

The Psychology of Cold Outreach

Building Trust and Credibility

Trust is the foundation of any successful interaction. Cold outreach requires establishing credibility quickly.

Demonstrating authenticity, expertise, and genuine interest fosters trust and encourages a positive response.

To give you an idea:

  • Personalized Introduction

Instead of a generic opening, tailor your introduction to each prospect. For example:

Generic: "Hello, I hope this email finds you well."

Personalized: "I noticed your recent achievements in [specific field], and I'm reaching out because..."

  • Demonstrate Industry Expertise

Showcase your knowledge and experience

"Having worked with clients in [Prospect's Industry], common challenges you might be facing are X, Y, Z. If you recognize yourself in these challenges I’d love to share some strategies that have proven successful."

  • Share Success Stories or Testimonials

Offer proof of your capabilities

"We recently helped [similar company] achieve [specific result]. Staying ahead of [specific challenge, e.g., technological disruptions] is a common concern. We've successfully assisted companies like yours in navigating these challenges by..."

Understanding the Prospect's Perspective

Put yourself in the shoes of your prospect. What challenges do they face? What solutions are they seeking?

Tailor your outreach to address their specific pain points and needs.


  • Addressing Pain Points Directly

"I understand that [specific pain point] can be a major hurdle for companies in [Prospect's Industry]. Our services specialize in mitigating these challenges, as evidenced by our successful collaboration with [similar company]."

  • Highlighting Competitive Edge

"In a competitive market like yours, standing out is crucial. Our solutions not only address your current challenges but also give [Prospect's Company] a distinctive edge by [specific competitive advantage]."

  • Referencing Current Industry Events

"Given the recent developments in [current industry events or news], I imagine that [Prospect's Company] is strategizing to navigate the changes. Our expertise in [relevant area] positions us as a valuable partner to help you leverage these shifts for growth."

The Power of Reciprocity

Humans are wired to reciprocate. Offering value upfront, whether through insights, resources, or personalized recommendations, sets a positive tone for the interaction.

When recipients perceive value, they are more likely to reciprocate with engagement.


  • Sharing Relevant Insights:

"I recently came across a report on [specific industry trend] that I believe could provide valuable insights for [Prospect's Company]. I thought you might find it interesting, and I'd be happy to discuss how these insights could impact your strategies moving forward."

  • Introducing Networking Opportunities

"I've recently attended an industry event that brought together leaders in [Prospect's Industry]. If you're interested, I can facilitate introductions and help expand your network within the industry, providing valuable connections that might align with your objectives."

  • Access to Beta Features or Trials

"As a gesture of goodwill, I'd like to offer your team exclusive access to our upcoming beta features or a trial of our latest product. This will not only provide you with an early advantage but also allow us to gather feedback tailored to your needs."

Overcoming Resistance

Cold outreach often faces initial resistance. Understanding and addressing potential objections in your messaging helps alleviate concerns.

Anticipating objections demonstrates and positions you as a proactive problem solver.


  • Assuaging Commitment Apprehensions

"Commitment is a big step, and I respect your cautious approach. How about starting with a small-scale trial or pilot project? This allows you to experience the benefits firsthand before making a more significant commitment."

  • Addressing Time Concerns

"I understand time is a precious resource. Our solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing processes, ensuring a minimal time commitment from your end. Let's explore how we can make the most of your time together."

  • Concerns About Integration

"Integration can be a concern. We've successfully guided clients through seamless transitions, and our team is committed to providing comprehensive support. Let's delve into the integration process together and address any concerns you may have."

Emotional Connection

Emotions play a significant role in decision-making. Craft messages that evoke positive emotions or resonate with your prospect's visions and goals.

Emotional connections create a memorable and impactful outreach experience.


  • Storytelling with a Personal Touch

"Your company's journey, especially [specific milestone or achievement], is incredibly inspiring. It goes beyond business – it's a narrative of resilience and growth. We'd love to be a part of your story and contribute positively to the next chapters."

  • Celebrating Shared Values

"I recently discovered your commitment to [shared value, e.g., sustainability], and it resonated deeply with us. It's refreshing to connect with someone who shares our passion for making a positive impact.

  • Acknowledging Personal Achievements

"Congratulations on the recent [specific achievement]! Your success is a testament to your hard work and vision. I'd love to learn more about your journey and explore ways we can support your continued growth and accomplishments."

The Importance of Pattern Interrupts

Let’s delve into the world of pattern interrupts in outreach, unraveling the psychology behind their effectiveness and providing practical insights on how to seamlessly incorporate them into your communication strategy.

Catching Attention Amidst the Noise

In a digital landscape saturated with messages, standing out is crucial. Pattern interrupts are designed to break the norm and grab attention.

Unexpected elements in your outreach disrupt the usual patterns, making your message more noticeable.

Creating Memorability

People remember experiences that differ from the ordinary. Pattern interrupts create memorable moments in the minds of your prospects.

When your outreach stands out, your brand becomes more memorable, increasing the likelihood of a positive response.

Fostering Curiosity

Curiosity is a powerful motivator. Introducing an unexpected element in your outreach piques curiosity and makes your prospects want to learn more.

By leaving room for curiosity, you invite engagement and open the door for a deeper conversation.

Increasing Response Rates

When your outreach breaks patterns and resonates emotionally, it becomes more compelling. Prospects are more likely to respond to messages that capture their attention and trigger a positive emotional response.

Pattern interrupts set the stage for meaningful conversations and increase the likelihood of achieving your outreach goals.

Incorporating Pattern Interrupts into Your Outreach

Picture this: a prospect scrolling through a sea of predictable messages, each blending into the next. Now imagine your outreach disrupting this monotony, commanding attention with a refreshing and unexpected twist. This is the essence of a pattern interrupt – a deliberate deviation from the expected that not only captures attention but also piques curiosity, setting the stage for a more impactful interaction.

Creative Subject Lines

Craft subject lines that deviate from the usual. Use humor, curiosity, or a surprising statement to encourage recipients to open your message.

Visual Elements

Integrate visually appealing elements in your outreach, such as gifs, images, or personalized avatars. Visuals disrupt the text-heavy approaches and enhance engagement.

Storytelling Techniques

Weave compelling stories into your outreach. Stories captivate attention and create an emotional connection, making your message more impactful.

Humor and Wit

Humor can be a potent pattern interrupt. A well-timed joke or witty remark can break the ice and make your outreach more enjoyable for the recipient.

Personalization Beyond Name

Go beyond using the recipient's name. Reference specific details from their profile or recent activities to showcase a genuine, personalized approach.

Incorporating RepliQ’s Linkedin Avatar Approach

As you integrate RepliQ's innovative LinkedIn Avatar feature into your outreach strategy, it's crucial to approach it with a well-thought-out plan. Leveraging this unique feature effectively can significantly increase your results and set your outreach efforts apart.

Here's a comprehensive strategy to maximize the impact of RepliQ's LinkedIn Avatar feature.

1. Segment Your Audience

Before diving into outreach, categorize your prospects based on industry, job roles, interests, or any other relevant criteria. Tailoring your messages to specific segments ensures a more personalized and effective approach.

2. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Ensure that your LinkedIn profile is optimized and aligns with your outreach goals. A professional photo, an attention-grabbing headline, and a compelling summary will enhance your credibility and encourage positive responses.

3. Personalized Outreach Messages:

Craft personalized outreach messages that go beyond the usual generic templates. Reference specific details from your prospect's profile and highlight how your product or service addresses their pain points. Integrate a call-to-action (CTA) to encourage further engagement.

4. Voice Customization

Experiment with both RepliQ's AI-generated voice and your own uploaded voice to find the most effective approach for your audience. Tailor the voice to match the tone of your message and the preferences of your target segment.

5. A/B Testing

Engage in A/B testing to refine your approach continuously. Test different messaging styles, and voices to understand what resonates best with your audience. Use the insights gained to optimize your future outreach campaigns.

6. Incorporate Video Messages

Experiment with incorporating personalized video messages alongside the avatars. Video messages can add an extra layer of authenticity and human connection, increasing the likelihood of a positive response.

7. Follow-Up Strategically

Implement a follow-up strategy to nurture connections and maintain engagement. Use RepliQ's Avatar feature in follow-up messages to reinforce your brand and keep your outreach visually appealing.

8. Monitor and Analyze Metrics

Regularly monitor the performance metrics of your outreach campaigns. Track Linkedin avatar engagement rates, response rates, and conversion metrics. Analyze the data to identify patterns and change your strategy accordingly.

9. Continuous Innovation

Stay ahead by continuously innovating your outreach strategy. Explore new ways to use RepliQ's LinkedIn Avatar feature creatively. Stay informed about updates and features to adapt and capitalize on emerging opportunities.


Integrating RepliQ's LinkedIn Avatar feature into your outreach strategy is not just about using a tool; it's about creating a personalized and visually engaging experience for your prospects. By following this our outreach strategy, you'll be well-positioned to stand out in the crowded digital space, capture attention, and make meaningful connections with your target audience.

How It Works


  1. Sign in and choose the AI feature

  1. Select the Linkedin image, talking photo feature

  1. Upload a front face image of yourself
  1. Write intro and choose your talking photo voice (or upload your own voice)

  1. Write pitch

  1. Upload your lead list

  1. Customize video page, add your branding colors, upload your logo, add your CTA button and your 

  1. Find your videos

  1. Integrate in your outreach tool

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