How to boost your Lemlist campaigns with video prospecting at scale

July 9, 2022

cold email delivrability

Hi {{firstName}},

I came across your profile in linkedin and saw {{common point}}..


I know I’m tired of these messages.

I know you are too.

I guess you recognize yourself in this:

  • You are an experienced automation user who did your trial and errors and became experts in writing cold emails, but still struggle to catch your audience's attention?
  • You learned to leverage automation features such as icebreakers, personalized images, landing pages and liquid syntax, but still have a hard time making it feel humanized?
  • You joke around and insert little indicators of your personality in your messages, but still don't really succeed to reflect your true personality?

Well then keep on reading!

In this article I will share how you can achieve results like this to boost your open rate, increase CTR and book more meetings through your Linkedin and email campaigns.

Here are the stats we got, not bad right ? ;) 

stats with video prospecting

I hate generic messages and I know you are too, but above all:

We BOTH know that your prospects HATE them!

They get bombarded daily with messages on Linkedin and email.

Imagine for a moment that you are one of your prospects that receive these messages daily.

What would happen after a dozen of these each day?

You would simply stop reading and probably put them in trash.

So what would actually make the message STAND OUT to you?

What would make you WANT to know what the sender has to say?

The majority who work with automation on Linkedin and emails put in the work to write a truly unique message.

But as mentioned, it would probably disappear in the sea of generic messages. 

Focusing on the quality of the messages is an option available to you, but if you did this you also know the amount of time required.

Visualize that instead of a written message, you receive a VIDEO in the mass of texts. 

surprising face

Recently Lemlist shared in their newsletter: 2 techniques to use for your email copies and the easiest way to get results from your outreach.

The example featured a video where the sales rep introduced himself with their own website in the background.

stats with video prospecting

Guillaume (CEO of Lemlist) was underlining how good the email was thanks to the video in it. 

What impact would it have on you?

Not surprisingly, video is growing in popularity due to its ability to create connections faster and cheaper.

Video has the power to transform your ability to build relationships with your audience.

It will not only put a name to your face, more importantly it’s the most effective way to show your personality and communicate emotions. 

When you treat people like people and not like numbers, you make them feel valued.

Not before you made that impact, people will actually want to hear what you have to say.

Even if your prospect or candidate is half around the world and you’ll likely never meet in person, you can still make a real connection and persuade by using personalized videos in your modern sales engagement process.

That’s why video prospecting tools such as Vidyard and Loom are here to stay!

In my own search for the best video outreach tools I’ve been trying out the most there are on the market.

If you’ve worked with these tools or similar you know that the engagement and reply rates increase tremendously.

problem with video prospecting

What I found was that all of the tools I tried required me to record a 1-on-1 video to each prospect.

None of the tools allowed me to do this at scale. 

It’s simply impossible to record a 1-3 minute long video to each and everyone even if I wanted to.

Or worse, to make the effort and not knowing that the prospect would even see it.

I never found the perfect video outreach tool I was looking for.

With RepliQ integrated in your Lemlist approach you will be able to generate personalized outreach videos through a spreadsheet. 

This is the leverage you have been searching for to break through the noise on an impossible-to-ignore level.

Don’t get us wrong, we are huge Lemlist fans and got fantastic results since day one.

But with noise increasing we needed to do something different to stay on top of our game.

With Lemlist solely we got good results.

But with Lemlist + RepliQ, we got mind blown.

Here's a video on how to add RepliQ videos in Lemlist:

Here is how you can create your first 100 personalized video with RepliQ for free:

 1) Choose background
repliq dashboard

2) Upload your video
repliq dashboard

3) Upload your file with your leads' info
repliq dashboard

4) Customize your video

repliq dashboard

5) Collect your personalized videos and upload it in your favorite outreach tool

repliq dashboard

5) Open your files' results with all your videos

repliq dashboard

6) Go to lemlist and upload your csv with your lead infos containing the html code from RepliQ (or use the custom integration code for Lemlist here)

lemlist dashboard

7) Create or use a variable that contains the HTML code from RepliQ (for instance, "icebreaker")

lemlist dashboard

8) In review, you can see all your videos in one click and make sure all of them looks good

lemlist dashboard

9) You are ready to launch your first campaign with Lemlist and RepliQ and see your result 🚀

The results of such an approach are HUGE.

The good news?

95% of sales reps (STILL) aren’t using video prospecting to close sales.

That’s an insane opportunity for you.

The 5% are getting big results but this window won’t last long.

Now is not the time to be left behind.

Don’t believe me?

Try it out for free!

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