Loom, Vidyard, Bombbomb Vs. RepliQ. Comparison. What is the best video prospecting tool ?

Sept 6, 2022

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If you are looking into video prospecting tool or have been doing it for a while, you probably wonder about the difference between RepliQ and the other tools on the market.

In this article I’m going to cover what we had in mind building RepliQ and how it differs from the tool you might use or have used. If you “tried” videos in your outreach but stopped because “it didn’t work”, then this article is for you.

Like any other digital tool the key is to understand HOW to use it in order to get results. Take an email tool for example, to send emails is very simple. Anyone can do it. But it’s the strategy behind; the target, what to write, when to send, that will make it work. That’s why I’m not only going to give you differences between the video tools but also give you strategies on HOW to get the results you are looking for.

After reading this article you will:

  • Understand the difference between video tools
  • Know HOW to use personalized videos to get RESULTS
  • See our video template and understand why it worked
  • Get ideas on different strategies to try out for:
    - Sales
    - SEO service
    - Email Marketing service
    - Connecting with investors
    - TA and recruitment
    - Paid ads
    - Social Media services



I know you've been there as well. Spending hours and hours on copywriting to craft a truly unique message. Annnnd then, nearly no replies. 🙄

You add humor, icebreaker, emojis and personalization. Still too less. 🤔

This is when you decide to add videos in your approach because you KNOW that’s the only way to break through the noise.

But there were 2 problems:

  1. Recording a video 1-to-1 simply takes too much time
  2. You recorded a video that NOBODY watch

The first step in any video interaction is to make the prospect WANT to click on your video in order to see it. This is the first thing we had in mind. What would make the receiver actually curious to click and watch the video?

BombBomb, Vidyard, Loom are badasses when it comes to video prospecting tool with great strategies and templates to use! If you’re into this topic I strongly suggest having a look at their content sections. But what we noticed in search of a video tool we wanted to use, is that the tools allows you to EITHER record a 1-to-1 video or a generic video.

Here are some examples:

As you can see: None of them make use of the background at scale…

Here’s the thing.

The prospect doesn't care about you, they care about themselves. Seeing their own website or Linkedin profile will make a difference to make them curious and actually look at the video. If there is nothing that piques their curiosity, they won't click and a video that nobody watches loses its value. Bombbomb gets this (example from the link above) where she uses our approach. The difference is that she recorded that to 1 person and she doesn't even know if that person will look at her video = time wasted. 

video prospecting example

What makes us unique is that:

  • We put the personalization in the background (see different examples of backgrounds videos here)
  • We make it possible to do it at scale through a csv file
  • We make the video preview appealing inside an email or Linkedin message

In other words we help you make a bigger impact with less time. Don’t get us wrong, a 1-to-1 custom made video can make a huge impact in many cases and should be used for certain key targets. A simple way to determine who to send which videos to is to divide your prospect list in 3 sections:

  1. A small amount of key targets where you custom make your outreach
  2. Several medium batches of 50-100 prospects where you personalize each batch
  3. A bigger batch where you personalize it more lightly just addressing the niche


So you have the perfect target and you generated personalized videos in a batch. Now what?Now is the time to think of the strategy and where to put the video. What’s nice with adding a video in your emails is that the email itself is going to be very short and sweet. It’s something else than what your prospects expect. Imagine instead of a sea of text, you receive a video:

video prospecting example

Here is a video where you see how it looks inside an email or a Linkedin message:

For this to work, you just need 1-2 sentences and then just let the video make its impact. The key here is that those sentences are made to enhance the video.

Agreeing with Vidyard that says: “Creating a subject line to catch and pique a prospect’s attention is an art form. And the intro copy is just as important. However, sometimes it gets forgotten when we are excited about delivering and sharing a video.”

This is the template I used:

Hi {{firstName}},

Upon going over your website {{website}}, I noticed {{icebreaker}}.


I have a new idea I’m explaining in the video that you might want to explore:


RepliQ video with their website in the background - Telling them that you want to put a face on the email, addressing your niche, their problem and your solution. Finish with a question.


What do you think about my second point?



To break it down:

  • I start with writing out her website and something I saw on their website (I hyper-personalize it in the first sentence.)
  • Then her attention will directly be looking at the video preview where she sees me and…. HER website!
  • After the image she will see a question she won’t be able to answer, unless she watches the video.


The whole email is made to catch her attention, make her curious and prompt her to watch the video. What do you think will happen when you succeed to do that with a prospect that didn’t know you before? ;)


PS. Don’t forget to make use of the CTA button on the video page to lead them to your landing page, Calendly, content assets, demo video, blog posts etc. 




If you never worked with videos in your approach it’s hard to know what to say, how long it should be and where to start. Here’s a quick breakdown on my video script to give you an idea.

  1. Start off with a hook
    “I’m guessing you clicked on this video because you saw your website in the background”
    I know this is the reason they clicked.

  2. Address the niche
    “I’m reaching out to you because you seem to be an experienced automation user doing cold outreach on Linkedin and emails today.”
    To make her understand that she received this video for a reason not by coincidence.

  3. Giving a solution to a challenge I know they face
    “I’m on a quest helping automation users like you to increase your impact and reply rates to book more meetings.”
    To be persuasive, the value statement must be tailored to the customer.

  4. Pitch
    When I know that they are listening, I give them a short pitch focused on the value I give.
  5. Asking for feedback
    “I’m curious, what’s your take on video prospecting?”
  6. Button CTA
    That leads them to my webpage if they want to learn more.

You can watch the whole video here:


To get more really impactful and creative ideas on video templates, I personally think Vidyard covers it perfectly in:

Among the strategies you find these that could be done at scale through RepliQ:

Top templates for Sales Prospecting with Video

  • Linkedin Profile Hover (Prospect’s profile)
  • Relevant Article, Comment or Post Hover
  • Website Hover (Prospect’s website)
  • Successful Customer Profile or Story
  • Sharing a Content Asset, Article or Blog Post


To understand the possibilities I want to share a few strategies we tried out for different services. Maybe you sell these services yourself or you might be an agency?

Here’s to give you some ideas on how to build epic campaigns that will catch your receivers attention and book you or your clients more meetings. All you need to do is to record one video and generate personalized videos with different backgrounds.


video prospecting example

Use the clients website or Linkedin profile in the background to catch their attention and share values on how you can help.

SEO service

video prospecting example
video prospecting example

Use google searchers in the background on certain keywords and find which page they are visible on and share what you’ve done for other clients or how to get better ranked. Another one is to use SpyFu to show the possibilities of certain keywords. 

Email marketing service

video prospecting example

Use the website in the background and do your research before to see if they collect emails on their webpage today. Divide the list in 2 for those who do and for those who don’t. Record 2 different videos, one for those who do collect emails, ask how much of their revenue comes from emails today and for those who don’t, address how much money they leave on the table. Another strategy is to use SpyFu to show their website traffic and ask the % of emails they collect.

Connect with investors

video prospecting example

Use their crunchbase profile in the background and very short tell them about your project. Make sure not to do the entire pitch, just give them the numbers to make them see the possibilities or enough information to get them to want to talk more and save the juicy part for the actual pitch meeting.

TA and recruitment

video prospecting example

Stand out by using their Linkedin profile or Github profile in the background. Don’t tell them what you are looking for, instead pitch what you can offer them.

Paid ads

video prospecting example

Use the Meta ads library with their own or their COMPETITORS ads. Tell them that your company chooses 1 company each week to analyze their ads and that you took some notes you would love to share. 

Social media services

video prospecting example

Use Instagram, Tiktok or the company page on Linkedin.

Don’t get too excited to share your video that you forget about the subject line and the copy intro that is the key to make the whole approach work! This is where you can specify why you are contacting them and why they should watch the video. Make sure the first 1-2 sentences you have in the email are personalized and enhance the video. Finish off with a question they can only answer if they watch the video.


If you liked this article, stay tuned as we are going to dive deeper in the strategies above including email templates to help you succeed with your video outreach at scale. As mentioned before, it’s not the video prospecting tool or the video itself that’s going to make the impact you are looking for. It’s a smart strategy where you put yourself in the receivers shoes and bring them value. If any tool is promising results just by using the tool itself, they are lying. Not until you know HOW to use the tool and integrate it in a strategy, will it make a difference. 

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