How We Achieved Our First 1000 Users: A SaaS Growth Journey

18 Mar, 2024

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Launching a SaaS bootstrapped startup has been one of the most exciting yet challenging experiences of our lives.

It's a journey filled with uncertainty, self-doubt, and a rollercoaster of emotions.

As we embarked on this adventure, we quickly realized that building a product was just the beginning—acquiring those crucial first 1000 paying users would be the true test of our success.

I remember the early days clearly —the endless hours spent brainstorming, coding, and refining our product.

With each line of code written, we felt the excitement and anticipation, but also a gnawing sense of anxiety.

Would anyone actually use what we were building?

Would it resonate with our target audience?

The doubts were ever-present in the back of our minds.

When it came time to launch, we poured our hearts and souls into spreading the word about our product.

We reached out to friends, family, and anyone who would listen, hoping to drum up some early interest.

But as the days passed and user sign-ups were slow, the doubts began to creep in.

Was our product not good enough?

Were we missing something crucial?

In this article I’m gonna share our journey on how we acquired our first 1000 users, hoping to give insights on how to build your own product.

Product Hunt, What It Is

Product Hunt is an online platform and community where users can discover and share new tech products, apps, websites, and other innovations. It functions as a curated list of the latest and most interesting products, with users able to upvote their favorites and leave comments. Product Hunt has gained popularity as a go-to destination for early adopters, investors, and tech enthusiasts seeking to stay informed about emerging trends and discover innovative products before they become mainstream. It provides a platform for product creators to showcase their offerings, gather feedback, and connect with potential users and customers.

Product Hunt

Our Launch

After an intense 24-hour push, our product landed at #4 product of the day and finished the top spot as the #1 Marketing product for the week on Product Hunt. It was a moment of triumph, representing our team's efforts and dedication. Our launch on Product Hunt sparked conversations, excitement, and most importantly, meaningful interactions with our users.

In an article I wrote detailing our approach and the journey to our Product Hunt success, I emphasized the careful planning and execution that went into our launch. From crafting a clear and concise product description to actively engaging with the Product Hunt community, every action was aimed at maximizing visibility and sparking genuine interest.

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Product Hunt

However, beyond the rankings, this is the real measure of our success:

  • 585 upvotes and counting, reflecting the genuine interest our product generated within the Product Hunt community.
  • Our first reviews to show credibility.
  • The surge in website traffic during the launch period—exceeding 1100 visitors between November 14th and 17th— capturing user attention and engagement.

Perhaps most rewarding of all, our Product Hunt launch translated into tangible results in terms of user acquisition.

  • We secured 66 sign ups as of November 18th, laying a solid foundation for future growth and development.
  • Even after the initial launch, we continued to witness sustained interest, with over 200 daily website visitors in the days following the launch.

In essence, our Product Hunt debut was more than just about recognition—it was about making a genuine impact, reaching new audiences, and establishing meaningful connections with users. As we push forward on our journey, our commitment remains: to deliver value to our users and build a product that resonates with their needs and aspirations.

Appsumo, What It Is

AppSumo is an online platform that offers deals and discounts on software products and digital tools. It's popular among entrepreneurs, small business owners, and freelancers looking for cost-effective solutions to streamline their operations and boost productivity. AppSumo partners with various software companies to negotiate exclusive deals, allowing users to access premium products at significantly discounted prices.


Our Appsumo Launch

Following our successful launch on Product Hunt, we were thrilled when AppSumo approached us with an opportunity. They proposed a Select campaign, which meant offering lifetime deals on our subscriptions through their platform. This arrangement was a win-win for both us and our users: they would gain lifetime access to RepliQ for a one-time payment, while we could expand our user base and increase brand exposure.

Appsumo email

AppSumo's Select campaign offered us a range of benefits, including a white-glove promotion to their vast community of over 3 million users and 15,000 affiliates. This exposure was invaluable, especially considering that many of AppSumo's users are exclusively inclined towards purchasing through their platform. Without incurring any upfront fees; the arrangement was solely based on revenue sharing.

Moreover, AppSumo provided us with valuable product feedback and all the marketing materials necessary for the campaign. This support was instrumental in ensuring the success of our AppSumo launch, as it enabled us to effectively communicate the value proposition of RepliQ and engage with potential users.

Here’s the video Appsumo made for us:

However, we were unaware that our AppSumo launch occurred simultaneously

with the listing of our major competitors on the platform. This unexpected event significantly impacted our outcomes as the attention and interest we anticipated were divided among similar offerings. Despite this setback, we remained determined and focused on maximizing our exposure and engaging potential users. We adapted by emphasizing RepliQ's value proposition. While the presence of our competitors posed challenges, it also provided us with valuable insights and pushed us to refine our strategies and innovate further.

Besides the increased traffic, sign ups and the payout we made on Appsumo one of the most important things were the reviews and feedback we got to see if what we were building resonated with the market:

Appsumo review
More of the reviews here:

Overall, our AppSumo launch presented an incredible opportunity to reach a broader audience, offer lifetime deals that benefited our users, and further establish RepliQ in the market. With the support of AppSumo's platform and their dedicated promotional efforts, we were able to expand our user base and generate significant momentum for our product.

Partner Up With Influencers

After gaining visibility we needed to enhance our credibility, the next step was to partner up with influencers in our niche. Influencers who have a base of followers interested in, in our case, cold outreach. Partnering with influencers like Jordan Platten has been crucial in showcasing the value of RepliQ. As a growth hacking tool, RepliQ offers solutions that resonate with people like Jordan, who are constantly seeking ways to streamline their cold outreach strategies and achieve better results.

For influencers like Jordan, content creation is a constant challenge. Finding innovative approaches to engage his audience while staying true to his niche is key. When Jordan discovered RepliQ and its potential to revolutionize cold outreach, it was a no brainer. Collaborating with us not only gave him access to a powerful growth hacking tool tailored to his niche but also provided him with fresh, relevant content to share with his audience.

Through his video showcasing RepliQ's impact on cold outreach, Jordan not only drove traffic to our platform but also gained credibility within his niche. His audience, eager for insights and strategies to improve their own cold outreach efforts, found value in his demonstration of RepliQ's effectiveness. In turn, Jordan's endorsement of RepliQ attracted new followers to his own channels interested in his expertise and recommendations.

This collaboration exemplifies the symbiotic relationship between RepliQ and influencers like Jordan. By providing influencers with tools and strategies that align with their niche and address their pain points, we not only gain exposure and credibility but also empower influencers to create valuable content and enhance their own brand offerings. It's a win-win partnership that drives mutual growth and success. 

Overall Marketing Strategy

In addition to leveraging influencer partnerships, we also prioritize creating our own content across various social media platforms to drive traffic and engagement. By maintaining an active presence on platforms like Tiktok, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, we ensure that our audience remains engaged and informed about the latest updates and developments related to RepliQ.

RepliQ youtube channel

On these platforms, we share a mix of informative posts, behind-the-scenes content, product updates, and user testimonials to provide value and keep our audience engaged. Through visually appealing graphics, engaging captions, and interactive elements, we aim to foster meaningful interactions and build a sense of community among our followers.

In addition to social media, we also prioritize search engine optimization (SEO) to drive organic traffic to our website. By optimizing our website content, including keywords, meta tags, and descriptions, we aim to improve our visibility and ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). This allows us to attract users who are actively searching for solutions related to growth hacking, cold outreach, and other topics relevant to RepliQ.

Furthermore, we invest in creating insightful and informative blog posts that provide valuable insights, tips, and strategies related to growth hacking, cold outreach, and other relevant topics. Our blog serves as a hub of knowledge and expertise, offering actionable advice and solutions to our audience's pain points. By consistently publishing high-quality content that addresses the needs and interests of our target audience, we not only establish ourselves as thought leaders in our industry but also drive traffic to our website and generate leads.

RepliQ blog

Overall, our approach to content creation across social media platforms, SEO, and blogging is rooted in our commitment to providing value and building meaningful connections with our audience. By consistently delivering informative, engaging, and relevant content, we not only drive traffic and engagement but also position RepliQ as a trusted resource and partner for growth hackers, cold outreach specialists, and aspiring entrepreneurs.

NachoNacho, What It Is

Lastly, we've partnered with NachoNacho, a platform offering substantial discounts on SaaS subscriptions while providing tools like RepliQ with increased visibility. Users can access discounts on various software products, including RepliQ, saving significant amounts annually. For SaaS tools, NachoNacho offers a marketplace to showcase offerings to a wider audience, enhancing brand recognition. Additionally, NachoNacho provides users with a SaaS management platform powered by fintech and AI, enabling efficient subscription management and spend optimization. Overall, NachoNacho revolutionizes how users discover and access software solutions while supporting SaaS tools' growth.


Last Words

In our journey of growth, RepliQ has flourished due to our deep expertise within our niche and our strategic approach to solving problems. While others may attempt to replicate our features or offerings, what sets us apart is our knowledge and insights in our domain.

One of the crucial factors driving our growth is our ability to not only provide a tool but also to empower our users with the knowledge and strategies to effectively utilize it. It's one thing to use a tool, but knowing how to leverage it to achieve tangible results is another. Our team's expertise allows us to provide our users with invaluable guidance and insights, ensuring that they not only understand how to use RepliQ but also how to maximize its potential to drive meaningful outcomes.

Moreover, our commitment to sharing our knowledge and insights sets us apart from competitors who may simply offer a product without the accompanying expertise. By providing educational resources, tutorials, and personalized support, we enable our users to unlock the full capabilities of RepliQ and achieve their desired results.

As we continue to grow, our focus on knowledge-sharing and empowering our users will remain at the forefront of our strategy. While others may attempt to copy our features or offerings, they will never be able to replicate the depth of understanding and expertise that we bring to the table. Knowledge is power and RepliQ stands out as not just a tool, but a trusted partner in driving success within our niche.

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